About Us

Our mission is to gain recognition, respect and in our workplace through collective bargaining rights. We want a legal right to discuss important issues with management to make improvements at Skywest Airlines for the better, not just for us, but for our company as a whole. To accomplish this, we must have the transparency and accountability that only a contract can provide.

Our ideas and commitments deserve to be heard and valued, as we are a diverse, educated and talented group of professionals. We have first-hand experience of what’s best for our customers and a vested interest in our careers and our company. Our goal is to run a positive, professional and inclusive campaign that creates a sense of pride for all Skywest Flight Flight Attendants.

We are the Flight Attendants that ensure the flying public gets to where they are going safely and securely. We are the Flight Attendants who provide service to small U.S. communities and connect passengers all over the world. Without us, the major airlines would not be major. Yet, we are not valued the way in which we should be valued.

The first step in attaining the terms of employment that recognize our contribution to our airline and the U.S. airline industry is to have a legally recognized voice in our workplace.

Our new website has been created through the hard work and commitment of many grassroots union activists. This is a site that will evolve and grow based on Flight Attendant participation and feedback.

From the new-hire to seasoned union activist, this is a site for you to find information, ask questions and share your ideas. This is OUR campaign so stay informed and participate! It’s up to us.

WE are the IAM.