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Forming a Union With the IAM is About Us!

As SkyWest Flight Attendants, we deserve the fairness, respect and the certainty that comes with a union contract. Presently, we are what’s known as “employees at will.” That means SkyWest management can change the rules whenever it wants and end our employment relationship at any time for any reason. That’s ALOT of power and the main reason why SkyWest management will fight against our movement to form a union with the IAM and gain legal rights at work.

In the coming months, you will start to hear ALOT of misrepresentations, anti-union propaganda and outright lies. All of this negativity will have one aim: To influence us from forming a union and equalizing the power relationship between us and SkyWest management.

You’ll hear a lot about union dues (the monthly cost of belonging to a union). What they’ll fail to tell you is that we will not pay one cent in union dues until we vote in a contract that WE negotiate with support from the IAM.

We’ll also hear a lot about the IAM as a “third party” and that the IAM only wants our money. What they’ll fail to mention is that WE will be the IAM. When we vote in a union–yes, we will VOTE–all of our representatives will be SkyWest Flight Attendants. Who better to represent us than US! Of course, we will have all the support and resources we need and those will be provided by IAM International, but it will be SkyWest Flight Attendants who chart our future.

SkyWest management will surely claim that if we form a union then they will not be able guarantee anything that we currently have. What they’ll fail to tell us that NOTHING WE HAVE RIGHT NOW IS GUARANTEED!  RIGHT NOW MANAGEMENT CAN CHANGE ANYTHING THEY WANT WITHOUT OUR APPROVAL! With a union contract, any change would require a vote of SkyWest Flight Attendants.

Management will also try to dissuade us from forming a union by threatening us that if we sign election authorization cards seeking a vote for union representation, they will be prohibited by law from offering us improvements in our pay, benefits and working conditions. THAT’S UNTRUE! Just ask the Delta Flight Attendants. They began their quest to form a union and Delta has offered pay increases each year BECAUSE OF their union campaign. They’ve also increased their health insurance costs and cut their profit sharing plan big time, but that’s another conversation.

SkyWest will also likely make the claim that if we form a union of Flight Attendants that negotiations will drag on for years and we’ll get no improvements in the meantime. They’ll say that as if they’re not at the negotiating table!! The truth is, negotiations in the airline industry are governed by a federal law called the Railway Labor Act (RLA). Among many other things, the RLA requires both sides to negotiate in good faith. Generally, negotiations in the airline industry last on average approximately 18 months. More on this later.

So, don’t be deterred by the anti-union rhetoric that is bound to come from SkyWest’s highly paid attorneys who only seek to keep power from us and in the hands of SkyWest management.

Sign a card today!!!


Welcome to the world’s largest Airline Union!

We look forward to working with you, and for you,  by providing quality union representation. We are aware that there will be many challenges getting to a representation election but you have taken the first step by visiting our website where you will be able to contact a representative and also get many of your questions answered.

The next step will be to request an A-Card, complete it and send it back to us. Remember this card is confidential and no one will know you signed a card except the IAM and the National Mediation Board(NMB), which is the government agency responsible to supervise the representation election process.

So, let’s not waste any more time. Complete and sign your A-Card, return it and encourage your coworkers to do the same. The ability to improve your quality of life as a Skywest Flight Attendant is only a representation vote away.

We know you can do it and we look forward to representing you.

IAM Scores Major Legislative Victory

As IAM members from around the country mobilized, the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) scored a major political victory yesterday by including in the Aviation Innovation Reform Reauthorization Act of 2016 (AIIR) an amendment that would mandate a minimum of 10 hours rest for all Flight Attendants.

The IAM—the largest airline union in North America—and AFL-CIO transportation affiliates, worked around the clock to include the amendment that will significantly improve the working lives of hundreds of thousands of Flight Attendants.

“I would like to thank every IAM member and the IAM Legislative Department who did a fantastic job and demanded that Congress do the right thing and improve the lives of Flight Attendants,” said General Vice President Sito Pantoja. “This is yet another example of the fruits of unity, solidarity and direct action coordinated by Labor.”

The AIIR, or HR 4441, will now go to the full House and the Senate for an up or down vote. If approved by both chambers of Congress it will then go to President Obama for approval into law.

“The job isn’t done yet,” continued Pantoja. “We must remain vigilant and keep the pressure on to make 10 hours minimum rest for Flight Attendants.”

Updates will be provided as the legislative process moves along.