Request an Election Authorization Card

To request an election authorization card (a-card) read this first and then click the pen image below. All you need to do is fill-out the online form and the IAM will mail a pre-filled a-card back to you. When you receive your a-card, just sign and date it in your own handwriting and mail back to the IAM in the business reply envelope that we’ll provide. Don’t worry about postage, it’s already paid.

An election authorization card (a-card) is a card that you sign requesting to have the right to vote in a union representation election. It is NOT a vote for or against a union. It simply means that you are requesting the right to vote in a union representation election.

No one will ever know you signed an a-card but you, the IAM and the National Mediation Board (NMB), the government agency that oversees and conducts representation elections in the airline industry. Skywest Airlines is prohibited by federal law from ever knowing that you signed an election request card.

Signing and A-Card is strictly confidential.

Pen Skywest